North West Indian Ocean Regional Standard Operating Procedure Workshop for NTWC, DMOs and Broadcasting Media in the Tsunami Warning Chain [Hybrid]

31 October - 03 November 2022,

Annotated Agenda

1 Opening
10 Closing remarks
2 Reports on the latest status of the SOP development along the tsunami warning chain in the participating countries
3 Joint learning using examples of LDMO / Media SOP from the partner countries through a facilitated discussion of its various features and contents
4 Summary, Outlook for Day #2 and #3, and Closing remarks for Day #1
5 SOP Workshop in each of the participating countries
6 Introduction to Day #4
7 Report back from the national workshops
8 Review of the work process on Media SOP development up to now and suggestions for the follow-up process
9 Preparations for the testing of the developed SOPs in a simulation exercise in early November 2022