Fourth Training Course for Operators of Sea Level Stations in the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

03 - 07 November 2014,

Puerto Rico Seismic Network
Call Box 900

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico 00681
United States


1 Registration
2 Welcome Messages and Logistic
3 Overview of Sea Level Instrumentation, including collocated GPS station, GLOSS Standards – Tilo Schöne
4 Best practices in the selection of sites for sea level stations – Stephen Gill (Webinar)and James Taylor
5 NOS Standards for sea level station operation – Stephen Gill (Webinar)and James Taylor
6 GOES System and User Requests, and Sat Link Configurations – Kay Metcalf (Webinar) and Christa von Hillebrandt
7 IOC Sea Level Data Facility- Francisco Hernandez
8 Visit to Sea Level Station of Mayagüez, Maintenance Activities – NOAA/PRSN
9 GPS Exercise
10 Datum Control and Leveling Exercise
11 Network reports
12 IOC CARIBE EWS Sea Level component of Tsunami Monitoring WG meeting – Sébastien Derousi
13 Post tsunami survey – Herman M. Fritz
14 Introduction to oceanography – Jorge Capella
15 Current applications – Edwin Alfonso
16 PTWC Tide Tool I Overview, Installation - Stuart Weinstein (Webinar) and Christa von Hillebrandt
17 PTWC Tide Tool III - Operation and data analysis, Stuart Weinstein (webinar ) and Christa von Hillebrandt
18 NOAA COOPS Tide Online System – James Taylor and Stephen Gill (Webinar)
19 Tsunami Warning Experiences in the Indian Ocean - Tilo Schöne
20 Tide View and IOC SLMF Data Access (NOAA) – Chris Popham
21 Visit to PRSN and Caribbean Tsunami Warning Program
22 Presentation of Course Certificates, Adjourn