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University of Minnesota, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology


Hodson Hall
1980 Folwell Avenue

St. Paul, Minnesota MN 55108
United States




(612) 624-3600


(612) 625-5299




The mission of the Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology is to foster a high quality natural environment by contributing to the management, protection, and sustainable use of fisheries and wildlife resources through teaching, research, and outreach. Our goals are to respond to societal needs for information and education pertaining to the conservation of our natural resources and to ensure excellent teaching, research, and outreach programs. We are one of the nation's longest standing and highest quality fisheries and wildlife programs. Our history and our future are built on a foundation which includes: * Strong commitment to a conservation ethic and conservation of biodiversity at scales ranging from genomes to landscapes * An understanding of the interface between aquatic and terrestrial ecology * Analysis of populations, communities, and ecosystems, particularly through computer modeling and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) * Application of physiological, genetic, and behavioral research to fish and wildlife management * Strong emphasis on fish, avian, and large mammal conservation and ecology * Global perspective enhanced by research abroad * Active outreach program covering fisheries, wildlife, and conservation issues * U.S. Department of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Cooperative Research Unit, fully integrated into the department * Strong graduate programs in Fisheries, Wildlife, Conservation Biology, and Water Resources Science

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