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University of Zaghreb, Faculty of Science and Chemistry


Horvatovac 95
10000 Zagreb




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The origins of the Department of Geophysics date back to the 1861 when the first organized meteorological measurements in Croatia were carried out. Its activity gradually broadened, to include other geophysical disciplines: physics of the atmosphere, physics of the solid Earth and physics of the sea. Already in 1862 weather reports are being published in Zagreb, and by the end of the 19th century Andrija Mohorovicic, the director of the former Geophysical Institute, publishes the first weather forecasts. At that time Geophysical Institute was responsible for the macroseismic data collection, and the first seismographs were obtained soon afterwards. In order to improve the measurements, the time service was established - the canon on the Lotrscak tower is being fired every noon since 1876 and the time signal is being broadcast by the Zagreb radio since 1926. As the network of meteorological stations increased, it was separated from the Geophysical Institute in 1946 when the Institute becomes a unit of the Faculty of Science.

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