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Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment


Box 90328
Durham, North Carolina NC 27708
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The Nicholas School of the Environment is composed of three research divisions, which primarily serve doctoral students, and houses some 11 research centers and programs. Marine Science & Conservation, with focal areas in marine ecology, estuarine processes, and coastal geology, is headquartered at the Duke University Marine Laboratory at Beaufort, N.C. Faculty research interests range from studies of the long-line fisheries industry, to monitoring and assessing the post-hurricane health of the Neuse River and Pamlico Sound, to the effects of human activities on marine mammal populations, to applications of social science to environmental policy and management. Earth and Ocean Sciences, with focal areas in climate change, solid earth processes and surface processes, is headquartered in the Old Chemistry building at Duke. The Faculty at EOS conduct research all over the world, from Hess Deep (-3200m depth) in the Pacific Ocean to the 4000m+ altitudes of the South American Altiplano. Environmental Sciences and Policy, with focal areas in ecosystem science and management, environmental chemistry and toxicology, aquatic and atmospheric sciences and environmental social sciences, is headquartered in the Levine Science Research Center. Faculty with training in the biological, physical, chemical and social sciences work on applied and basic environmental research problems. The division stresses interdisciplinary approaches to environmental problem solving.

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