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Instituto Español de Oceanografía – Centro Oceanográfico de Gijón

(Spanish Institure of Oceanography – Oceanographic Centre of Gijón)


Calle de Ramón González Fernández, 70B
33212 Gijón




+34 91 342 11 00


+34 91 597 47 70

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IEO was founded in 1914 and is devoted to the scientific knowledge of the oceans and the sustainable use of fishing resources. It gives scientific advice to the Spanish Government on Fisheries (e.g. European DCR) and marine environmental (MFSD) policies.
Research activity is structured in three areas: Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Environment. The latter includes the general study of marine ecosistems, including disciplines such as physical oceanography, marine geology, biogeochemistry, biodiversity, marine food webs and thier aplication for the management of marine ecosystems (e.g. Marine Protected Areas or MSFD).
It represents Spain in most scientific international boards related with the sea and its resources (e.g. Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, International Council ofr the Exploration of the Sea, etc.).
It has 9 research centres along the Spanish coast and the headquarters in Madrid.
It has c. 450 permanent staff, 72% being scientists and technicians

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