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J.J. Szabo International Strategic, Crisis & Risk Communications

(J.J. Szabo International Strategic, Crisis & Risk Communications)


285 Loretta Avenue South
Ottawa Ontario K1S 5A5


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Ms. Szabo is an award-winning, bilingual communications project manager with over two decades of experience in Canada and internationally. A former journalist and broadcaster, Ms. Szabo specializes in strategic, risk and crisis communications. She excels in developing, implementing and monitoring international, regional and national communication campaigns for large organisations and governments in Canada and abroad. Her extensive experience working on complex emergencies and disaster risk reduction highlights her skills in making complex information understandable through the development and implementation of communication strategies, as well as engagement, public awareness, education and outreach campaigns targeted to multiple stakeholders. Ms. Szabo has worked in over 29 countries with the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministerial and high level, senior managers to direct international communication issues and programs in the private sector, civil society and governments. Ms. Szabo holds a Masters in Public Administration and a Certificate in International Gender Training. She was a member of the Canadian Board of Directors for UN Women for five years, as well as its Director of Communications and Media Relations.

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