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Pelagic Frontiers Consultancy B.V.

(Pelagic Frontiers Consultancy B.V.)


Warmoesstraat 53
1791CN Den Burg


Private commercial


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+31 6 18 75 24 85




The company is committed to providing comprehensive multidisciplinary scientific answers for the deep sea exploration of biological energy, mineral resources as well as the installation of submarine communication cables or pipe-lines, considering the (bio)geochemical, geological and ecological characteristics of the intended area or location.

One of the spheres of the company’s expertise is the field of submarine seepage of hydrocarbons, specifically natural gas (methane).

PELAGIC FRONTIERS also works as an outsourced knowledge company having fifteen years of deep-sea research experience and a broad international network in the world of science and technology.

Additionally, the company provides services for the planning and design of multidisciplinary geological and geochemical marine surveys.

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