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Puerto Rico Coastal Zone Management Program (CZMP)

(Puerto Rico Coastal Zone Management Program (CZMP))


PO Box 366147
San Juan 00936
Puerto Rico




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Puerto Rico's Coastal Program was approved by NOAA in 1978 and is comprised of a network of agencies with authority in the coastal zone.
The Department of Natural and Environmental Resources serves as the lead agency and is responsible for managing the maritime zone, coastal waters, and submerged lands.
The Puerto Rico Planning Board serves as the primary agency for managing coastal development.
Other Commonwealth agencies that are part of the Coastal Program include the Environmental Quality Board, Regulations and Permits Administration, Department of Recreation and Sports, National Park Company, Department of Agriculture, and Institute of Puerto Rican Culture.
Puerto Rico's coastal zone generally extends 1000 meters (one kilometer) inland, but extends further inland in places to include important coastal resources.

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