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Disaster Management Department

(Disaster Management Department)


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The dmd is the lead government institution for coordinating disaster prevention preparedness and recovery.
DMD primary function is coordination of disaster management activities in the Zanzibar it seeks to ensure that in times of disaster appropriate response systems procedures and resources are in place to assist those who are affected.
The DMD is made up of five units and each unit is led by head of the unit:
- administration and finance unit
- planning and research unit
- information and education unit
- operation and relief services unit
- communication unit

Prior to the 2006 there were no formal disaster management structures or arrangements within Zanzibar.
In the 2000s a series of natural disasters hit Zanzibar frequently including the 2005 floods which affected almost the whole Zanzibar city.
Those events highlighted the need for the development of a disaster management system in Zanzibar that would ensure effective whole of government and cross government coordination and response during disasters.

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