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National Coordination of Civil Protection


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The General Directorate of Civil Protection, DGPC, is the area in the federal government that is in charge of articulating policies of the Civil Protection National System of, and its functions include: - Coordination with states and municipalities, which is the basis of the prompt and effective response to the various threats to our country. - The articulation of actions with agencies of the Federal Public Administration within their jurisdictions and in a coordinated and expeditious manner. - Linking with social and private sector in the involvement with different actions in each stage of the emergency. - The management of emergencies and disasters through its different areas and special missions in the events. - The operation of the National Communications Center 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. - Operation with the CENAPRED of the Early Warning System. - The development of Official Mexican Norms in Civil Protection. The operation of the Civil Protection National System is in charge of the Interior Ministry, which according to the Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration, is the institution responsible for its coordination and, therefore, is the agency that is responsible for leading the mechanisms and policies regarding prevention and risks management, disasters and the consequent crisis. In an emergency, assistance for the population is the immediate and overriding goal of the System. Therefore, all instances, channels and coordinating structures of the three levels of government, must converge to comply with the Civil Protection General Law and other laws and administrative provisions that apply. The scope of the Civil Protection National System goes beyond the response generated from emergency or disaster situations. For example, investigations and projects with technical-scientific character are conducted constantly, prevention plans are designed and improved, recurring phenomena such as rain, tropical cyclones and volcanic activity are monitored, and there is work towards more effective inter-agency coordination with a proper regulatory framework, among many other activities.

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