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Society of Ieodo Research Corporation

(Society of Ieodo Research Corporation)


Jinheung DB 4F
Yeon-dong, Jeju-city
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
South Korea




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In the literature covering Jeju’s pre-modern history that have been discovered so far, expressions that refer directly to Jeju Island are not found. For other regional names in the Jeju Island, no clear record remains. What does it mean that record does not exist in the literature about lado? Can we say that even though there is no text record, Jeju people did not recognize Ieodo? Today it is through Ieodo’s folk and legend to be able to know about Ieodo.
It is difficult to discover written records but the word-of-mouth relevant materials coming down are quite rich. The absence of written records and the existence of folk songs and legends are attributed to the feature of the class which the people being aware of Ieodo and the speciality found in Ieodo legends. This speciality may allow us to infer the contents of folk songs and tales.
It was in the modern era that characters began to function as a popularized communication mean, Pre-modern ‘characters’ in the history of our society were a the means of expression of ruling class superior to the middle class.
Folk songs and folk tales that mention Ieodo take the sea as a background. Those who are engaged in trading-people the sea as a trade route appeared primarily as a speaker. They are far from the ruling class. They are basically the outside of the characters ‘world’ figures. It is difficult for those who do not use characters to be left through characters. The reason why there does not exist literature records is because of this, Ieodo appearing through folk songs and folk tales has the following features in common.

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