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Ministry of Marine Resources Eritrea

(Ministry of Marine Resources Eritrea)


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1. Develop fisheries infrastructure in key fisheries centres for higher volume and better quality production, and delivery and to attract domestic and foreign investment.
2. Through training and education develop human resource and build adequate technical capacity that meet international standards
3. Introduce appropriate new equipment and know how to rehabilitate and upgrade existing enterprises
4. Establish industrial enterprises for higher volume and better quality production and for the production and marketing of value added products. Such new enterprises can be government, joint venture, private, etc.
5. Strengthen the applied research capacity with a view of establishing a sound information system on the marine habitat and resources and for the biodiversity conservation.
6. Build flexible institutional capacity that meet supervisory and commercial challenges
7. Encourage aquaculture that use environmentally friendly technique and technology
8. Organise and build the capacity of the fishing communities to increase their productivity as well as play pivotal role in the coastal area management
9. Develop cooperation strategy and modalities that enhances beneficial cooperation with other Red Sea countries, established in the field foreign organisations, etc.
10. Develop appropriate marketing, especially export marketing, strategy and apply aggressive export marketing policy.

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