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Sumgayit Center for Environmental Rehabilitation

(Sumgayit Center for Environmental Rehabilitation)


16, Nizami str.
Az5000 Sumgayit




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+994164 29614


+994164 29614


The Sumgayit Centre for Environmental Rehabilitation was established for sustainable development of the results of Environmental Rehabilitation of Sumgayit Project, signed to implementation on December 26, 1997, financed by the United Nations Development Programme and implemented in co-operation with the Government of Azerbaijan. To realize the project UNDP “Sumgayit Environmental Rehabilitation”, the work was organized this way. At the end of the project it was functioning as a Center. Considering that the founder of the Center was also UNDP. Sumgayit Center for Environmental Rehabilitation was officially registered in August 9, 2002.The aim of the Sumgayit Center for Environmental Rehabilitation is to assist in solving environmental problems in diapozone “Local - Country - Region” through the promotion of cooperation at international, national and local levels, creating of such an environment that will improve the ecosystem as well as conditions for sustainable environmental development within which economic growth and investments could take a place.Sumgayit Center collates, develops and inculcates a compendium of project ideas/concepts operate an effective environmental information management system that develops various mechanisms to increase and strengthen environmental awareness among the general public through various activities, publications, conferences and workshops, training, etc.

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