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Many offshore operations are critically dependent on the prevailing sea state. To enhance the security of people, buildings and environment, routine sea state measurements are required. The Wave and Surface Current Monitoring System WaMoS II has been developed for real time measurement of directional ocean wave spectra. A significant advantage of WaMoS II is the continuous availability of wave data in rough seas, under harsh weather conditions with limited visibility, and at night. The system uses the unfiltered output from a marine X-Band radar to determine wave and surface current parameters in near real-time. The measurements are based on the backscatter of radar energy from the ocean surface (sea clutter). The backscatter, which is visible on the marine radar, shows the wave patterns. WaMoS II measures and displays all the essential wave field parameters such as significant wave height (Hs), peak wave period (Tp) and peak wave direction (θp) , as well as surface current speed (U) and current direction (θu). It operates automatically and unattended from moored platforms, moving vessels and coastal sites. WaMoS® II is the world's most sophisticated operational wave radar monitoring system and is well accepted within the international scientific community.

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