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MacArtney Underwater Technology, Houston


3660 Westchase Drive
Houston, Texas TX 77042
United States


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Uncompromising efforts- to provide Underwater Technology for the benefit of industry and mankind The MacArtney Group supplies products and engineering solutions to the worldwide Underwater Technology Market. Our aspiration is to maintain our continued success by using our experience and our understanding of customers' expectation. We understand the market demand for advanced technology and we consider it our responsibility to keep astride of these advances without any compromise, indeed it is essential to enable us to offer the best solutions. We recognize the necessity to support our products, not only within our individual home markets, but also in more remote areas around the world. To this end, the MacArtney Group has established a network of companies in strategic locations around the globe. The Headquarter of the Group is located in Esbjerg on the West Coast of Denmark - home to MacArtney A/S since it started in 1978, and still the main hub, providing logistical, technical, financial and marketing support to all of the companies within the Group. Our customers want effective, realistic and sustainable solutions to their problems. Apart from our own products, we also represent some of the most advanced, competent and reliable manufacturers’ products in the Underwater Technology Industry. We work with them on market and product development and we integrate and adapt their products to meet our customers needs. Our customer base is varied and extensive and all customers have their individual requirements. However, one thing is common: The need to obtain and consistently maintain results from the hostile marine environment. Navies, surveyors, security forces and offshore operators, together with their subcontractors, have come to rely on our products and services. A fact we take very seriously. Our product range is diverse, but it is always associated with the Underwater Technology Market. We deliver both proven components and integrated packages to give our customers what they want - Uncompromising solutions.

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