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Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Centre

(Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Centre)


c/o CEA, Bt. Bard
Centre DAM - Ile de France, Bruyères le Châtel
91297 Arpajon Cedex




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+33 1 69 26 71 47




The principal scientific objectives of the EMSC are:

  • to establish and operate a system for rapid determination of the European and Mediterranean earthquake epicentres (location of major earthquakes within a delay of approximately one hour). The EMSC, acting as the central authority, is responsible for transmitting these results immediately to the appropriate international authorities and to the members in order to meet the needs of protection of society, scientific progress and general information;
  • to determine the principal parameters (epicentre, depth, magnitude, focal mechanisms...) of major seismic events located within the European-Mediterranean region and dispatch widely the corresponding results;
  • to collect the data necessary for the operations of the EMSC and make them available to other international, regional or national data centres such as the International Seismological Centre (ISC), the United States National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC), ... etc ;
To encourage scientific cooperation among European and Mediterranean countries in the field of earthquake research, and to develop studies of general interest such as:
  • epicentre location methods, construction of local and regional travel- time tables, magnitude determination, ...etc;
  • to promote the exchange of seismological data between laboratories in the European-Mediterranean area;
  • to satisfy any request related to detailed studies of specific events;
  • to assure the functioning of an European seismological data bank;
  • to promote the improvement of observational systems in the European-Mediterranean region through a critical examination of the seismological coverage, and to suggest methods for improving the quality of observations and their transmission to the EMSC.

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