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University of Tarbiat Modares

(University of Tarbiat Modares)


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Tarbiat Modares University (TMU) was founded in 1982 after the Islamic Revolution of Iran. The main goal of this university is training academic staff of universities as well as researchers required for universities and higher education centers.
TMU endeavors to provide an environment to promote a high level of professional preparation and performance for students from various backgrounds and areas. It also establishes high promoting academic relations with distinguished home and foreign institutions on the basis of exchange agreements, publishing books and journals and holding national and international meetings and conferences are among the other objectives of the university. As a postgraduate university, TMU offers Master degree in 115 academic groups and Ph.D. degree in 72 groups, with 2579 and 1050 students in each level, respectively. At present there are 7 faculties and 4 affiliated research centers.

 The university enjoys the cooperation of 409 fulltime academic members, and same number of part time academic members, and about 453 administrative staffs support different activities of the university.
The central campus of the university is located in Tehran City, the Capital of Iran, the Faculty of Agriculture is located in 17 Km west of Tehran, and the Faculty of Natural Resources and Marine Sciences is located on the Caspian coast, north of Iran.
Libraries, Computer Centers, sports halls, restaurants, coffee shop and several dormitories are other facilities of the university.
Since TMU is relatively young and newly established it is still under expansion and several new buildings for the faculties of Engineering, Basic Sciences and Agriculture are under construction.
Since TMU is a postgraduate university in nature, therefore, research activities are of high priority in our program, and software & hardware facilities are planned in this respect.
Many of the Ph.D. students visit foreign universities for the promotion of their research work, for a duration of several months. Future programs of TMU can be divided into several main directions.
Concerning the research activities, in addition to presenting our research result in national and international publication we intend to expand and strengthen our cooperation with industrial and agricultural sectors of the society, and orienting our research activities in the direction of their needs. More steps towards leveling up of research supporting facilities have been planned.
Expansion and updating of the university library is also one of our future programs.
Concerning the academic activities, while increasing the quality and meeting the educational standards we intend to establish new courses and fields of research and study.
Finally, I take the opportunity and invite those students who are interested in Coming to and studying at TMU.
If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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