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Systems Engineering Australia Pty Ltd


106/71 Beeston St
Newstead QLD 4006


Private non-profit


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Systems Engineering Australia Pty Ltd (SEA) is a specialty consulting company which undertakes numerical modelling and risk assessment in the coastal, ocean, wind and environmental engineering fields. The company was founded in 1996 by Dr Harper using methodologies based on his extensive experience in undertaking sophisticated numerical and statistical studies of environmental phenomena. Extensive software systems have been developed over this period of time which address specific elements such as statistical analysis of tropical cyclone (hurricane or typhoon) data, wind and wave field modelling, storm surge modelling (hydrodynamic and parametric), thunderstorm downburst, hail and tornadoes. Probabilistic models are built using deterministic components and involve climatological data assessment and extreme value analysis. Over this period the primary application of these models has been for the establishing of engineering design criteria for coastal and ocean facilities such as ports, harbours and offshore oil and gas processing. In recent years the emphasis has been on models for the insurance industry for the purpose of catastrophe loss estimation.

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