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National Institute for Research in Rural Engineering Water and Forestry


BP 10
Rue Hédi Karray – Menzeh IV

2080 Tunis - Ariana




+216 71 709033/719630


+216 71 717 951


INRGREF is an organization with interests in rural engineering, water and forest investigations. It's an institute where many researchers (engineers and biologists) are working in order to elucidate a lot of technical and scientific problems affecting ecosystems and biodiversity. The different research sections of the INRGREF are in charge of many projects; some of them are national and others are projects funded by the European-Tunisian cooperation (EU, French, Spanish and Italian cooperation) or by the Japanese-Tunisian cooperation. The INRGREF organized several national and internationals seminaries and conferences. The Technical Centre of Food Industries (CTAA) is a technical organism providing services to professionals of the food industries. It works to develop and promote the sector of industrial food, while carrying assistance to the different branches of the sector. It was created by decision of the minister of the industry of the 29 February 1996, in accordance with the law n°94-123 of 28 November 1994.

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Thameur CHAIBI
Senior Researcher

Senior Researcher

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