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Terms of Reference

The Co-presidents shall have the responsibility to jointly undertake the duties required of presidents of technical commissions of WMO and technical committees of IOC as defined in their respective regulations. These would include or be extended to include the following:

(a) In joint consultation, to guide and coordinate the activities of the Commission and its groups intersessionally;

(b) In joint consultation, and with the assistance of the Secretariats, to direct and approve intersessional actions including the creation and dissolution of expert groups and task teams, pending approval by the Commission in session;

(c) To carry out specific duties as prescribed by decisions of the Governing Bodies of WMO and IOC, as well as by the Regulations of each organization;

(d) To report to the Governing Bodies of WMO and IOC at their regular sessions on the activities of the Commission, as required;

(e) To ensure that the activities, recommendations and resolutions of the Commission are consistent with the provisions of the WMO Convention, the IOC Statutes, the decisions of WMO and IOC Governing Bodies, and the regulations of both organizations;

(f) To liaise with presidents of regional associations and chairs of GOOS Regional Alliances to ensure that regional requirements are taken into consideration when developing the work programme for JCOMM.

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