Coastal Inundation Forecasting Demonstration Project

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The CIFDP is under the oversight of the Project Steering Group (PSG) for overall project planning, implementation, review progress and reporting. The PSG works closely with the WMO Secretariat and with the Sub-Project National Coordination Teams (NCTs) to ensure that each Sub-Project is implemented in line with the overall Project Framework that was endorsed by the WMO Congress and its technical commissions including the Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM) and Commission for Hydrology (CHy).

The PSG works with the WMO Secretariat in:

  • regular review and update of the Project Concept, Implementation Plan and Technical Recommendation: Forecast System Concept;
  • initiation of Sub-Projects, by reviewing the initial requirements and providing advice to the countries and WMO technical commissions (JCOMM and CHy);
  • reviewing progress of Sub-Projects in each phase, and providing recommendations to JCOMM and CHy regarding the following steps of the Sub-Project implementation;

The PSG works closely with each Sub-project National Coordination Team (NCT), in:

  • selecting technical solutions for the storm surge, wave and hydrological forecasting and operation, which meet the national and regional capabilities and requirements;
  • providing guidance to the development and implementation of Sub-Project Plan, including technical development as well as stakeholder interactions and consultations;
  • developing modalities for interactions with, and input from, associated projects;

  • issuing the final review report on the Sub-Project and preparing recommendations to be transmitted to the relevant bodies.

The PSG is comprised of experts on coastal inundation (e.g. storm surge, wave and hydrological modelling and forecasting) and associated areas (e.g. service delivery and social science).

The PSG collaborates with the JCOMM Expert Team on Waves and Coastal Hazard Forecasting Systems (ETWCH), by working closely with at least one ETWCH member for each Sub-Project implementation, to address technical aspects of metocean modelling and operational coastal hazard forecasting and warning.

The PSG collaborates with the WMO Working Group on Societal and Economic Research Applications (WG-SERA), by making a linkage with at least one SERA member for each Sub-Project implementation, to address user requirements and socio-economic aspects.

The ToR as well as the membership of the PSG are regularly reviewed and updated as necessary at each PSG meetings.

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