DBCP Task Team on Moored Buoys (TT-MB)

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Terms of Reference
(as adopted at DBCP-XXIV)

The DBCP Task Team on Moored Buoys shall:

  1. Review and document operational moored buoy systems and their underlying requirements;

  2. Liaise with the different communities deploying moorings, including TIP, OceanSITES, seabed observatories, as well as national moored buoy programmes (coastal and global), and promote the development of multi-disciplinary mooring systems;

  3. Liaise with the GOOS Scientific Steering Committee (GSSC) and its technical sub-panel for Integrated Coastal Observations (PICO) to facilitate synergy between advances in GOOS implementation and the development of operational capabilities, in particular, for sustained coastal observations, analysis and related services by using mooring systems;

  4. Liaise with the JCOMM Expert Team on Wind Waves and Storm Surges (ETWS) regarding the need for in situ wave observations;

  5. Compile information on opportunities for the deployment and / or servicing of moored buoys;

  6. Monitor technological developments for moored data buoys and liaise with the Task Team on Technological Developments on satellite data telecommunication aspects;

  7. Review all relevant WMO and IOC Publications on Instrument Best Practices
    (e.g., JCOMM, CIMO) to make sure they are kept up to date, address WIGOS issues, and comply with Quality Management terminology;

  8. Provide the DBCP Executive Board or the DBCP with technical advice needed for developing moored buoy programmes, including the issues above; and

  9. Report to the DBCP Executive Board and the DBCP at its biennial Sessions, with periodically updated Workplans supporting implementation.


The membership is decided at Panel Sessions and is open to all Panel members.

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