DBCP Task Team on Data Management (TT-DM)

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Terms of Reference
(as adopted at DBCP-XXIV)

The DBCP Task Team on Data Management shall:

  1. Receive and review reports from the Data Management Centres specializing in buoy data, i.e., (i) the Météo-France SOC / DB, and (ii) the ISDM, Canada RNODC / DB; reconcile any overlaps with emphasis on differences;

  2. Liaise with the DBCP Task Team on Quality Management for compiling table driven coding requirements for data buoy observations, for all relevant applications, and submit them in a consolidated way to the DMPA Task Team on Table Driven Codes;

  3. Address issues to do with real-time distribution of data, including GTS issues, timeliness and methods to improve data / flows;

  4. Address issues relating to delayed-mode distribution and archiving of the data;

  5. Seek input from data users on which instrumental metadata is most important and how it is best managed and coordinate these activities with the JCOMM Meta-T Project;

  6. Review all relevant JCOMM Publications, to make sure they are kept up-to-date and comply with Quality Management terminology;

  7. Follow-up with regard to the development of the WIGOS Pilot Project for JCOMM and make sure that the developments proposed by the Task Team are consistent with the WIGOS and WIS requirements;

  8. Make recommendations to the DBCP Executive Board or the DBCP for addressing the issues above; and

  9. Report to the DBCP Executive Board and the DBCP at its biennial Sessions.


The membership is decided at Panel Sessions and is open to all Panel members.

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