The formation act of GRASP, dated 27 October 2005, established the GOOS Regional Alliance for the South-East Pacific region. It appointed The Permanent Commission for the South Pacific (CPPS) to be the Technical Secretariat of GRASP.
In the act the following actions were decided to implement the elaboration of GRASP strategy and regional governance:
a) Define the terms of reference for the development of GRASP Strategic and Action Plan;
b) Develop activities to strengthen operational oceanography and meteorology based upon already existing South-East Pacific region programmes and infrastructures;
c) Promote capacity building and knowledge exchange among the GRA’s members;
d) Promote evaluation studies of potential economic and social benefits generated by operational oceanography and meteorology in the South-East Pacific region;
e) Cooperate with all organizations involved in climate change evaluation, in marine environment investigation and in climate variability impact.

29 March 2018. The Permanent Commission of the South Pacific, informed the IOC that the Presidency of the Alliance (GRASP) will be exercised by Peru for the period 2018 - 2019, through the Rear Admiral Jorge Paz Acosta

GRASP data help CPPS to issue a monthly \'Boletín de Alerta Climático\' (Climate Alert Bulletin) on the oceanic and atmospheric conditions related to El Niño.


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