Expert Team on Sea Ice (ETSI)

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Terms of Reference

The Expert Team on Sea Ice shall:

  • Coordinate and advise Members/Member States on products and services required by user communities in sea ice areas, to support navigation, coastal and offshore activities, monitoring of the sea ice cover

  • Provide advice to the WWMIWS Committee and ETMEER on all aspects of impacts of sea ice relevant to maritime safety, marine pollution response and search and rescue services

  • Maintain linkages with ETOOFS and ETDRR on the relevant sea ice modeling and forecasting techniques

  • Maintain linkages with projects and programmes related to the role of sea ice in the global climate system, including through the WCRP and the Global Cryosphere Watch

  • Develop technical advice and guidance material, software exchange, specialized training and other appropriate capacity-building activities with regard to sea ice observations, analysis and services, and provide assistance to Members/Member States as required

  • Keep under review and provide guidance as appropriate on the operations of the Global Digital Sea Ice Data Bank (GDSIDB), in collaboration with ETMC

  • Maintain and develop formats, nomenclatures and procedures for sea ice data and information exchange as well as relevant terminology, coding and mapping standards

  • Develop, in accordance with existing standards (e.g. from IHO), graphical/numerical product specification for floating ice (sea ice, glacier ice, lake and river ice) parameters in Electronic Navigation Chart Systems (ENCs)

  • Maintain linkages with relevant international organizations and programmes, in particular BSIM, CLIC, EIS, IICWG, NAIS, ASPeCt, GCOS and IHO.

As a general principle, these terms of reference will be implemented through specific, defined, time-limited projects.


  • Up to eight core Members, including the chairperson and vice-chairpersons, representative of a range of activities related to sea ice and the ice-covered regions within JCOMM, and to maintain an appropriate geographical and gender representation

  • Representatives of regional and international sea ice bodies, in particular, the Baltic Sea Ice Meeting, European Ice Service, International Ice Charting Working Group and North American Ice Service will also be invited to participate at their own expense

  • Additional experts may be invited as appropriate, representative of the range of activities related to sea ice.

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