ࡱ> KMJ` Ljbjb ,"|c|cL &&&&&&&&x3x3x3x33$&S86333333337777777,<R>7&3333374&&33 84443R&3&374&$&&&&&3744:"7,&&~73 ]x34N7&~7L#80S8t7 s?4s?~74&&&dT-$&&T- INTERGOVERNMENTAL OCEANOGRAPHIC COMMISSION (of UNESCO)WORLD METEOROLOGICAL ORGANIZATIONUNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME Eighth Session of the IOC-WMO-UNEP Committee for the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) 13 16 June 2007, Paris, France Draft Actions and Decisions (through 14 June) 1: I-GOOS will commission a study of the technical aspects related to a standard set of routine underway measurements (such as sea surface temperature and current measurements) taken by research vessels in coastal waters for storage in international databases. This will then be presented to ABELOS for advice on legal aspects. 2: The I-GOOS encourages partnerships between GOOS Regional Alliances and other regional programs such as Large Marine Ecosystem projects and Regional Seas Conventions. 3: The I-GOOS approves the Terms of Reference for the I-GOOS Board as amended by the plenary. 4: The I-GOOS agreed to continue national reporting of quantitative and qualitative participation in GOOS in the form of living document, with a simplified template. 5: The I-GOOS noted, based on the national reports, that funding will not be sufficient to complete the global module of GOOS to design specification by the goal date 2012, and that increased investment by nations in the ocean observing systems will need to be supported by arguments of national benefit, at a national or regional level. 6: I-GOOS recognized ten existing GRAs, in accordance with GOOS principles and the GOOS Regional Policy. (EuroGOOS, MedGOOS, Black Sea GOOS, NEAR GOOS, Pacific Islands GOOS, Indian Ocean GOOS, IOCARIBE GOOS, GOOS-Africa, US GOOS, SEA-GOOS) . 7: The I-GOOS recognized the formation of the GOOS Regional Council as an advisory body to I-GOOS, and accepted the Terms of Reference as amended by the plenary. 8: The I-GOOS requested all recognized GRAs nominate a representative to serve on the GOOS Regional Council (GRC). 9: The I-GOOS noted that the I-GOOS Board may invite the Chairperson of the GRC to the I-GOOS Board. 10: I-GOOS recognized OCEATLAN and GRASP as Regional Alliances. 11: I-GOOS board will take the responsibility to coordinate and promote actions towards the establishment of an Arctic GOOS regional alliance, to take place before the next meeting of the IOC Executive Council in June 2008. 12: I-GOOS welcomed the results of the independent review of the Rio GOOS office. 13: The GOOS board will investigate how to follow on from the work of GRAND through th GOOS regional council. 14: I-GOOS noted that PICO was set up as a subsidiary advisory body to GSSC. I-GOOS recognizes this is a first step toward a future joint sponsorship toward a joint panel. 15: I-GOOS decided that the regular budget staff line, which represents three contracted staff members either based in the regions or with regional support remits, constitutes a major support for GOOS regional activities and shall remain unchanged. For the remaining budget lines I-GOOS decided to leave the secretariat flexibility to adjust in response to internal (for example decisions of groups such as the I-GOOS) and external actions/pressures/drivers. /;]l./xy" # q  K𹯹laThhOJQJaJhhOJQJ.hh6OJPJQJ]^JaJnHtH(hhOJPJQJ^JaJnHtHhhCJhhB* CJphhh5\ hhhB*CJ aJ ph h5hh5CJhCJmH sH h5CJmH sH h hCJ hCJ $/kDDD'$ & pp@ P !$Ifa$l  ) p@ P !Hkd$$If0\'*4 x4a$Ifl $ & p@ P !$Ifl L/;AP]lxjQ & p@ P !gd[kd$$IfF/ `'/  _     4 x4ax$$Ifa$l '$ & pp@ P !$Ifa$l  ./xy" # * + } ~ p q   T^TlT^Tl$ & p@ P !^a$$a$ ./cdLT^TllT^T KL hh* 001hP. 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