Upgrades of Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature Version 4 (ERSST.V4)

Author(s) Boyin Huang (NOAA/NCDC), Viva F. Banzon (NOAA/NCDC), Eric Freeman (NOAA/NCDC &STG Inc.), Jay Lawrimore (NOAA/NCDC), Wei Liu (NOAA/NCDC & CICS), Thomas C. Peterson (NOAA/NCDC), Thomas M. Smith (NOAA/STAR/SCSB & CICS), Peter W. Thorne (CICS & NERSC), Scott D. Woodruff (NOAA/NCDC & CIRES), and Huai-­?Min Zhang (NOAA/NCDC)
Doc Type Presentation
Status Published on 26 Jun 2014

Group(s): JCOMM
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